90th Birthday Centerpieces

A well-chosen 90th birthday centerpiece adds color and style to the celebration.   Here’s how you can make sure that your centerpieces make a fabulous impression!

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90th Birthday Centerpiece Showcase

Burlap Flower 90th Birthday Centerpieces

How sweet are these burlap flower centerpieces?  Perfect for an outdoor celebration or a casual party.

There aren’t any instructions, but I think you could replicate this pretty easily with some pre-made burlap flowers, burlap ribbon and colorful thin ribbon.

Colorful 90th Birthday Table Centerpiece

Quickly add color and vibrance to the tables with this easy-to-use 90th birthday centerpiece.

The 8.5″ centerpieces fan out to add color and dimension to any table setting. You can find matching plates and napkins at Amazon.

Pair them with a solid color tablecloth festive balloons in any matching color to create a festive look for your party.

Candy Centerpiece

90th Birthday Candy Centerpiece

This bright and cheerful centerpiece features candy from the 20s and 30s – a nostalgic and fun look for the party!

Black & Gold 90th Birthday Centerpiece Sticks

Festive black and gold table centerpieces from Amazon will add the perfect pop of color to your party!

You’ll need to assemble the centerpieces yourself…they come with dowels and glue dots. You might find using a glue gun a bit easier than the glue dots.

Then just add them to vases and fill in with flowers in your favorite color.

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DIY Baby’s Breath Centerpiece

Easy DIY Baby's Breath Centerpiece for 90th Birthday Party

Yet another simple DIY stable centerpiece that can be customized to fit your party colors!

Just add numbers to sticks or straws (check your local craft store for wooden or cardboard numbers), add dried baby’s breath (or your choice of flowers) and tie a ribbon around a mason jar…so easy yet so cute!

Glitter Number 90 Table Centerpieces

Add a touch of sparkle to your tables with these easy-to-make glittery centerpieces!

Just attach numbers covered in your choice of glitter colors to sticks, add some curly ribbon, and set them in glitter covered mason jars or vases.  ​

Black and Gold Honeycomb Centerpieces

Party decorating doesn’t get much easier than this! Just fan out the base of this festive black and gold 90th birthday centerpiece for an easy, elegant look.

It’s easy to find coordinating party supplies – just scroll down on the Amazon page to find the matching plates, napkins, cups and other supplies

“It Took Me 90 Years to Look This Good”  Centerpieces

Funny Table Centerpieces for a 90th Birthday Party

What a delightful way to showcase old photos – and add a touch of humor to the centerpiece!  There aren’t any directions, but this looks pretty straight forward.

Use flowers to match your theme, and look for coordinating frames and card stock to make the “It took me 90 years to look this good” sign.

How to Choose 90th Birthday Centerpieces

Carefully chosen centerpieces add style and color to your party.  Here are a few tips to choose the best table centerpieces for your 90th birthday party.

Height Matters!

You want your centerpiece to be impressive enough to be noticed, yet not so tall that guests have a difficult time seeing over it to talk to each other.  Preferably table centerpieces should be under 26″.

Consider using tall centerpieces at the dessert or buffet table.  They’re also perfect for the gift table if you’re having one.

Use Photos if Possible

A 90th birthday celebration is an ideal time to reflect upon the celebrant’s life.  Everyone at the party will love seeing pictures from throughout the years.

Photo centerpieces also spark conversation – they’re perfect icebreakers for guests who might not know each other!​

One of the easiest ways to use photos as centerpieces is to use inexpensive frames to display the pictures.  Look for frames that are open on both sides so that you can display 2 pictures.

You can also add pictures to flower picks and nestle them in the flower arrangements.

​Highlight the Number 90

It’s not as common as we’d all like to celebrate a 90th birthday, so you definitely want to highlight this important number!  

An easy way to add the number 90 to table centerpieces is to simple insert cupcake toppers into the centerpieces.

You can also add decorative 90 stickers to vases or the centerpiece holders.  Zazzle has a great selection of 90th birthday stickers in styles ranging from whimsical to elegant which would work well.

Where to Buy 90th Birthday Centerpieces

There’s not actually as many pre-made centerpieces for a 90th birthday as you might think.  You’ll be hard pressed to find table centerpieces at your local store.

 The best place to check online is Amazon – be sure to look for free shipping offers for Prime Members!

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