Then and Now 90th Birthday Party Theme

Then and Now 90th Birthday Party Theme IdeasMy, how times do change in 90 short years! Relive some of the wonderful changes with a “Then and Now” party.

This unique 90th birthday party theme takes a bit of research. I like to try to use as many pictures from different stages of the celebrant’s life. A slideshow is a great way to showcase these pictures.

Ask party-goers to prepare a memory to share, either in writing or in person, about a special time or event they remember with the birthday gal or guy.

You can also prepare a trivia game with details from the person’s life (What was Susan’s first job? Where did she go to school?). If you don’t feel like writing your own, Amazon has a ready-made one that’s really fun.

You can follow this link to get information about what life was like 90 years ago.

Another fun option is to create a timeline of the birthday celebrant’s life.  There are quite a few software tools that can help with this.

Check out OurStory, which will allow you to develop a timeline that can be shown on a laptop or iPad at the party.  You can invite others to collaborate with you online on this – a fun way to get the whole family involved.

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