Then and Now 90th Birthday Party Theme

Then and Now 90th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

My, how times do change in 90 short years! Relive some of the wonderful changes with a “Then and Now” party.

This unique 90th birthday party theme takes a bit of research. I like to try to use as many pictures from different stages of the celebrant’s life. A slideshow is a great way to showcase these pictures.

Ask party-goers to prepare a memory to share, either in writing or in person, about a special time or event they remember with the birthday gal or guy.

You can also prepare a trivia game with details from the person’s life (What was Susan’s first job? Where did she go to school?). If you don’t feel like writing your own, Amazon has a ready-made one that’s really fun.

You can follow this link to get information about what life was like 90 years ago.

Another fun option is to create a timeline of the birthday celebrant’s life.  There are quite a few software tools that can help with this.

Check out OurStory, which will allow you to develop a timeline that can be shown on a laptop or iPad at the party.  You can invite others to collaborate with you online on this – a fun way to get the whole family involved.

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