90th Birthday Cakes

What’s a birthday without a cake?   Get inspired with these festive 90th birthday cake ideas!

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How to Make a Number 90 Birthday Cake

Easy instructions on how to make a number 90 birthday cake without special cake pans!

If you want to make a 90th birthday cake at home, an easy yet impressive way is to make the cake in the shape of the numbers. You can buy speciality number cake pans at your local craft store for around $10 each.

If you’d rather not buy new cake pans, check out this handy guide to see how to make the numbers 9 and 0 from round cake pans.

Number 90 Floral Cake

Homemade Floral 90th Birthday Cake

This was made using gum paste flowers, but you could use silk flowers (or real flowers if they’re safe to put on cakes). Consider baking 2 different cake flavors so that your guests will have a choice.

90th Birthday Bundt Cake

90th Birthday Bundt Cake

If you’re a fan of bundt cakes, then you might want to consider using 2 different sizes of bundt cake pans to make a lovely cake in the shape of the number “90”.  You could even make two (or 3) different flavors of cake!

Number 90 Birthday Cake

Number 90 Birthday Cake

How fun is this number 90 shaped cake?  You can use any colors to match your party decorations.

Candy Covered Birthday Cake

Candy Covered Birthday Cake

This fun cake looks amazingly professional, but it’s easy to make at home! Just bake your cake in number pans, frost, and then decorate with round candies (such as M&Ms) in your favorite colors.

Tiered 90th Birthday Cakes

A tall cake with multiple layers is a sure-fire attention getter on your dessert table!  Check out these clever cakes for 90th birthday celebrations.

Floral Birthday Cake

Beautiful Floral Cake for 90th Birthday

What an elegant 90th birthday cake for a special woman! No directions, but the colors and styling might provide a bit on inspiration.

90th Birthday Family Tree Cake

Happy 90th Birthday Family Tree 3 Tier Cake with Names

Most seniors love being surrounded by their family, so a family tree design is a great choice for a birthday cake! If you’re good with fondant, you could do this at home.

90th Birthday Generations Cake

90th Birthday Generations Cake

A meaningful cake to celebrate a 90th birthday. I love the way the tiers on this cake represent the different generations in life: Husband, Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa!

Floral 90th Birthday Cake for a Woman

Learn how to make a beautiful floral 90th birthday cake for your favorite lady!

Don’t you just love the brilliant colors of this floral cake?  Read the complete instructions at Miss Piggy’s Cakes.

Floral and Lace Cake

Elegant 90th Birthday Floral and Lace Cake

A beautiful combination of lace and flowers in pastel colors. The floral “90” cake topper that matches the floral cake layer is a wonderful touch!

It’s fairly easy to make lace using molds, but you can also order pre-made edible lace in a variety of colors from Amazon.

Butterfly Cake Tutorial

Butterfly and Ferns Cake Tutorial

This bright and cheerful butterfly & fern themed cake is an excellent choice for a spring or summer themed party. If you’re familiar with fondant and gum paste molds you’ll find this quite easy to do.

A simple decorating idea is to use these colorful edible butterfly decorations from Amazon.

90th Birthday Fishing Cake

90th Birthday Fishing Cake

An impressive cake for the man or woman who loves to fish!  Amazon offers a really cute fisherman-themed cake decorating set that is a great choice if you want to decorate the cake yourself.

90th Birthday Piano Cake

90th Birthday Piano Cake

What an elegant cake for the man or woman who has a life-long passion for playing the piano!

Unique 90th Birthday Cakes

Make the day even more special with these memorable and unique cake ideas for 90th birthdays!

Older Than…Spinner Birthday Cake

Funny Homemade 90th Birthday Cake

This simple round cake puts A New Spin On Aging. Fashioned after a board game spinner, this fun cake provides comic completions to the statement, “You are older than….”.

Complete directions for this clever cake can be found on the Wilton site – and believe it or not, it’s rated as “Somewhat Easy” to decorate!

Book-Lovers Cake

Book Lovers Birthday Cake

This is an adorable cake for the reading fanatic! You could change the colors and details to make it suitable for either a man or woman.

The decorator has added the woman’s name on the side, and the book title is “Times of My Life”. Click on the picture to see additional details.

90 Birthday Photo Cake

90th Birthday Bundt Cake

A simple yet elegant cake that features a favorite photo of the birthday celebrant.  You can order edible image cake toppers at Amazon, or check with your local bakery.

Star Themed Cake Tutorial

How to Make a Star Themed Birthday Cake

An easy-to-make cake that can work well for either a man or a woman’s birthday. The number topper is made out of frosted cookies.

Polka Dot Cake

Polka Dot Birthday Cake Tutorial

Festive polka dot cake uses Wilton’s Alphabet silicone molds to create a fun birthday message on the top. You can always alter the colors to match your party’s theme.

90th Birthday Scrabble Cake

90th Birthday Scrabble Cake

An amazing cake for the avid Scrabble fan!!

Wine Bottle Birthday  Cake

Wine Bottle Birthday Cake

This gorgeously realistic wine bottle cake is a show-stopper! Meredith at Coolest Birthday Cakes gives detailed instructions – and a great tip on how to create such a realistic wine bottle label!

You can also purchase a wine bottle cake mold at Amazon.   If you’re serving just a few people, you could serve just the wine bottle cake.  Otherwise, add the bottle-shaped cake to the top of a sheet cake.

Beer Bucket Cake Tutorial

Beer Bucket Cake Tutorial

This impressive cake is sure to be the hit of your favorite beer-lover’s party! The advanced cake maker might want to check out the tutorial…or you could show this to your baker for inspiration if you don’t have fabulous cake-making skills.

Fanciful Flowers Birthday Cake Tutorial

How to Make a Floral Birthday Cake

A delightful 90th birthday cake for a woman!  Make the flowers ahead of time and add them to the cake at the last minute.

90th Birthday Sheet Cakes

Family Tree Cake

Homemade Family Tree Happy 90th Birthday Cake

Lovely family tree cake features family names on gum paste banners throughout the tree.

90th Birthday Bingo Cake

Homemade 90th Birthday Bingo Cake

If you’re planning a Bingo-themed party this is a wonderful choice! The numbers were made from fondant, and the markers were made from melted Jolly Ranchers.

Crossword Puzzle Birthday  Cake

90th Birthday Crossword Puzzle Birthday Cake

This delightful crossword puzzle birthday cake was made by a professional, but you could probably make a similar cake at home (although it might be a bit time-consuming).

Golf Themed Birthday Cake

90th Birthday Cake for Golfer

A fun homemade 90th birthday sheet cake for the golfer!  These clever golf-themed cake decorations from Amazon would be a nice addition to the cake.

90th Birthday Cake Decorations

An easy way to decorate a homemade cake is to simply add cute decorations, such as a cake topper, candles, or edible image cake topper.

If you’d like to use an edible image, check with your local bakery or grocery store to see if they can make one for you.  You can also order them online at Amazon.

90th Birthday Cake Toppers

A cake topper is one of the easiest decorations to dress up a 90th birthday cake.  It’s best to try to match your cake topper to your party colors.

Gold 90th Birthday Cake Toppers

Silver 90th Birthday Cake Toppers

Unique Cake Toppers

90th Birthday Cupcakes

Cupcakes are trendy, fun and festive!  Serve them in place of a birthday cake, or add them to your dessert table.

90th Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are the easiest way to dress up cupcakes.  They work well with homemade or bought cupcakes.

90th Birthday Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers are another fun way to bling out your cupcakes!  Be sure to bake the cupcakes first, as the wrappers are not oven proof.

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90th Birthday Candles

Adding 90 candles to the cake could be a bit time-consuming (not to mention a fire hazard!).  Here are some exciting and unique 90th birthday candle decorations:

90th Birthday Candles - Add excitement to a 90th birthday cake with these brilliant sparklers!

Add excitement to your cake with these fun 90th birthday sparklers from Shindigz.  The 7″ tall decorations are genuine sparkles – get your camera ready, because you’ll definitely want to get some pictures while they’re glowing!

How to Bling Out Birthday Candles

How to Decorate Birthday Candles

No need to spend a fortune for a cake topper! You can use rhinestones and glitter (I’d go with edible glitter just in case) to bling out cheap, store-bought birthday candles.

90th Birthday Cake Sayings

Wondering what to actually write on the birthday cake?  Try one of these clever sayings about turning 90!

Sweet 90th Birthday Cake Messages:

  • 90 Years of Awesomeness
  • 90 Years of Sweetness
  • 90 Years Loved
  • 90 Years Blessed
  • 90 and Fabulous
  • To 90 Years of Memories

Funny 90th Birthday Cake Messages:

  • 18 Years Old (with 72 Years of Experience)
  • Cheers to 90 Years
  • 90 Is Just a Number…a VERY BIG Number
  • Still Rockin’ After 90 Years
  • You’re Never Too Old for Cake
  • Turning 90 Is a Piece of Cake
  • Vintage 1929  – Aged 90 Years to Perfection
  • Look Who’s 90!

Read 90th Birthday Wishes for more clever 90th birthday messages.

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