90th Birthday Party Planning Tips

90th Birthday Party Planning Tips

If you have the privilege of celebrating a loved one’s 90th birthday, you want to make this celebration all that he or she deserves, but how do you go about planning for such a momentous occasion? To help you along the way, here are a few party ideas and tips to keep in mind as you plan the party of a lifetime.

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Involve the Guest of Honor In Planning

First and foremost, consider including the star senior in your party planning. After all, the big day is all about them, so their happiness should be your inspiration.

If your heart is set on a surprise party, consult with multiple individuals who know him or her as well as you do to ensure that they’ll enjoy every aspect of the party.

Plan Ahead

An individual as special as your favorite senior is sure to have countless friends, family and loved ones who want to join in on the festivities. For everyone’s convenience, you may want to choose a date at least two months in advance to give out-of-town guests enough time to make travel arrangements.

Whether you’re planning a big birthday bonanza or a simple and sweet soiree, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to accomplish all the details that a 90th birthday entails.

Create a Budget

From a fitting 90th birthday party theme to decor and gifts, party planning should be fun. Before you begin gathering the must-have items, consider your budget.

Whether the sky is the limit or you have a more modest budget to work with, the perfect party can be accomplished at any price tag. Once you decide what to spend, the fun can begin.

Consider a Theme Party

When shopping for party essentials, your first step is to select a theme. Limited only by your imagination, you can draw inspiration from the birthday person’s interests, hobbies and personality to create a theme that is uniquely theirs.

From vintage themes that humorously celebrate their age to whimsical varieties that highlight their youthful heart, you can find countless ideas to help make their party the talk of the town.

Choose the Perfect Invitations

With a theme in mind, it’s time to pick out invitations. Whether you put your DIY skills to the test or purchase a pre-made option, invitations are a fun way to introduce guests to the party’s theme.

Along with the party’s essential information, consider including directions and an insert with hotel recommendations for out-of-town guests.

Decorate with Style

Birthday party decorations can turn an average day into an unforgettable memory. Centerpieces, streamers, tablecloths and more are just a few of the items you can use to transform any space into a party zone.

With such a milestone occasion, photos are a priceless way to decorate. Using pictures from years past and present, the guest of honor as well as friends and family will love the walk down memory lane.

Consider Offering Party Favors

While optional, party favors are a great way for guests to remember the big day. Whether it be humorous, sentimental or a delicious treat, send them home with something remarkable as a token of your appreciation for their presence.

Gift Ideas

Available in all shapes and sizes, the right gift allows you to express your love in a creative way. For the tender-hearted individual, a personalized present with a photo is a great way to show that you care.

For the senior who loves a good laugh, a funny shirt, mug or other item is sure to cater to their sense of humor.

Serve an Impressive Cake

When you think “party,” you inevitably think “cake.” A 90th birthday celebration should be no exception. In fact, such a momentous occasion calls for an equally impressive cake. I

f you are skilled in the kitchen, you can bake your own dessert as a sweet way to honor your favorite senior. With countless designs available that range from whimsical to humorous, inspiration won’t be hard to find.

Food Options

Depending on the time of day, you may have a group of hungry mouths to feed. Regardless of the time, everyone appreciates a little finger food. However, if your party takes place around lunch or dinner, you may want to provide a more substantial selection. To cut costs, consider asking for volunteers to cook, bake and provide snacks.

Do You Want to Provide Entertainment?

Whether big or small, the best parties have some sort of entertainment. If you’re hosting a large event, you may want to hire a band or DJ. For a smaller affair, something as simple as organized games will keep the event upbeat and lively.

Make a Keepsake for the Guest of Honor

After all is said and done, the star of the show would love to carry home a sweet reminder of their big day and everyone who cared enough to celebrate it. With this in mind, consider creating a scrapbook or video that they can treasure the rest of their days.

Free 90th Birthday Party Checklist & Planner

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Download this free 90th birthday party planner! Just click on the image above, and the planner will open in a new window, ready to print.

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