90th Birthday Party Themes

If you've been tapped (or volunteered) to host a 90th birthday party, one of the first things you'll need to do is to decide upon a theme.

 Once you've decided the party theme or colors, you can order the party supplies and decorations.  

Read on to find some of my top 90th birthday party theme ideas.

Done for You Party Themes

The absolute easiest way to choose a party theme is to simply purchase all the party supplies you need in an existing design.  There are a few birthday party designs that are specifically made for the 90th birthday (such as the Celebrate 90! theme in the picture).  

Otherwise you can choose any standard birthday party design in the colors and style that you like.

If you choose a standard birthday party design that doesn't feature the number 90, then you could always emphasize that it's a 90th birthday party by adding balloons in the shape of the number "90" or a banner that says Happy 90th Birthday.

Personalized 90th Birthday Party Themes

You can also purchase party supplies that can be personalized especially for a 90th birthday.   There just a little more expensive than standard party supplies, but you really get a fabulous bang for the buck.  

Personalized party supplies look like you went to a lot of trouble for the party, and make a huge impression on the guests and the birthday celebrant.

90th Birthday Party Theme Colors

Another easy way to choose a theme is to simply use the guest of honor's favorite colors.  Unlike anniversaries, there are no official 90th birthday colors, so you're free to choose any color scheme you prefer.  

Sticking with 2 or 3 colors makes it easy to coordinate decorations and paper goods.  

Unique 90th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

If you're the creative sort, you may wish to honor the birthday man or woman by planning a party that celebrates and reviews their entire life.   These parties generally feature a lot of photos and personal history.

Parties like this take a little (or a lot) of extra time to prepare - however they are truly appreciated!  And you'll probably enjoy the time you spend researching their history and going through old family photos.

Here are some fun theme ideas to get you started:

  • My Favorite Things Party Theme
  • Cheers to 90 Years! Theme
  • A Look Back in Time Party Theme
  • 90 Years of Memories
  • 90 Years Loved

Themed 90th Birthday Party Ideas

You can also choose to have a themed party that celebrates the guest of honor's interests.  You can then add "90" balloons or a banner that highlights the age 90 to emphasize that it's a milestone party.

Some popular birthday party themes that would work well for a 90th celebration are:

  • Casino Night
  • 50's Party
  • Tea Party
  • Garden Party
  • Beer Tasting Party
  • Golf Party
  • Luau
  • Barbeque
  • Favorite Sports Team Party
  • Dinner Party
  • Dancing
  • Roaring 20's Party
  • Scrabble Party
  • Bingo Party

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