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Personalized 90th Birthday Picture Frame

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Personalized 90th Birthday Picture Frame

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90th Birthday Party Ideas

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90th Birthday Ideas – Top 10 Ways to Celebrate

A landmark birthday such as 90 calls for a memorable celebration! Here are a few ideas to celebrate your favorite senior citizen’s 90th birthday:

1. Throw a party!

If the birthday man or woman is up for it (some 90 year olds are not really that energetic any more), then consider throwing a birthday party. It can be as small as just immediate family members, or it can be an elaborate celebration.

Definitely talk with the birthday celebrant about what he or she would prefer. That way they’ll be able to enjoy planning the party, and will have the pleasure of looking forward to the event. Think twice before planning a surprise party for someone of this age.

2. Make a Scrapbook or Album

A 90th birthday is a time for reflection upon the amazing events of a lifetime. Help them out by making a scrapbook or photo album filled with some of the highlights of their life.

Take advantage of email and Facebook, or other social media sites, to request pictures from spread-out friends and family. The celebrant will enjoy seeing long-lost faces and pictures!

3. Check-off a Bucket List Item

What has he or she always dreamed of doing, but not quiet gotten around to? This is a great time to fulfill as many of those bucket list items as possible.

4. Revisit Favorite Sites

By this age, there are probably many places that were important to the birthday man or woman at some point in their life. If possible, take them back to some of the meaningful spots – the house they grew up in, their old schools, places of employment.

Most seniors truly enjoy a trip down memory lane! And you’ll enjoy hearing the stories of what their life was like all those years ago. For a special treat, consider renting a limo or large van and taking family members with you on this memory tour.

5. Organize a Card Campaign from Family and Friends

Who doesn’t love to get birthday cards in the mail? Make their 90th extra-special by having as many family members and friends send a birthday card to them. Ideally, it would be wonderful to have 90 cards.

A card campaign takes a bit of organizing, but the pleasure it will bring the celebrant is well worth it. Read details about how to organize a card campaign here.

6. Have the President Send a Card

Put your tax dollars to work, and order a birthday card from The White House (read the details here). It’s free (well, you’ve already paid for it via taxes), and is sure to thrill the senior.

It takes at least 6 weeks notice, but the more notice you can give, the better.

7. Make a Memory Quilt

This is another great use for a lifetime’s worth of photos! You can transfer pictures to fabric squares and sew a quilt full of memories and love. A fun idea is to send fabric blocks to family and loved ones and ask them to write a message on the fabric, then sew those blocks into the quilt as well.

Find directions on how to sew a memory quilt here.

8. Make a Photo Bouquet

Surround your favorite senior with flowers that feature the pictures of their loved ones. It’s a cheerful decoration that is sure to brighten any room. And they’ll love having so many pictures of their favorite people!

9. 90 Days of Love Notes in a Jar

This is a wonderful idea that makes the excitement and enjoyment of turning 90 last long after the actual birth day!

Write 90 little notes of appreciation or memories on decorative paper, and then put them in a pretty jar or vase. You can do all the notes yourself, or ask other loved ones to write notes.

Then, each day for the next 90 days, your senior can look forward to opening a note.

10. Share Time with Your Loved One

Many seniors don’t really want a birthday party, even for a milestone event like a 90th. What he or she might enjoy most is just spending time with you. It can be as simple as going out for a favorite meal, playing a game or putting together a jigsaw puzzle, or reminiscing over family photos.

He or she might enjoy watching one of their favorite old movies or TV shows together, or attending church with you. A more active senior might enjoy fishing, a visit to a museum or park, or shopping.

Remember that many seniors can be a bit lonely, and at 90, there’s a good chance that he or she is not able to get to as many of their favorite spots as they used to. Create a memory that you will both treasure by enjoying time with the birthday man or woman!

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